4 Easy Nutrition Tips by Travis Denson


Look, eating the perfect diet can be very difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, perfection is not necessary to get results. These 4 tips alone are likely enough to get you 90% of the way to where you want to go.


  1. Eat early dinners


Eat as early as possible for and immediately brush your teeth. Sound weird? Try it. Having a fresh mouth drastically reduces the urge to eat anything. This is great because avoiding snacking post-dinner helps reduce overall calorie intake. Secondly, and more importantly, the types of foods eaten late at night usually don’t consist of steamed veggies so you’re likely reducing the crappiest of calories. Finally, there are a lot of benefits of extended periods of fasting due to its impact on the body’s sensitivity to insulin. And an early dinner followed by a night of sleep is a great way to accomplish a long fast with ease. Goal: shoot for a minimum of 12 hours between your dinner and your first meal the next day.


  1. Don’t drink calories


There is almost zero value in drinking anything that contains calories. Most beverages that have calories are loaded with sugar. There is virtually no difference between orange juice and a can of coke. They are both loaded with the worst type of calorie: sugar. Goal: Try to stick mostly to water, black coffee and tea for the best results.


  1. Reduce added sugar (and other “white” stuff)


Reduce, ideally eliminate, the most offensive type of calories: sugar and white flour. While they certainly make our taste buds happy, refined sugars have no nutritional value. Even worse, they actually have unique and specific detrimental metabolic effects that are more pronounced than the other high glycemic foods like white rice and pasta. Specifically, a diet higher in sugar leads to weight gain and puts us at a higher risk of diabetes, cancer, heart attack and stroke than any other food product. In many cases, eliminating added sugar and foods with flour as the main ingredient (i.e. bread) is enough of a change for people to see drastic improvements in energy levels, mood and body composition.


  1. Have a plan


Picture this: you know exactly what you SHOULD eat for lunch. And that morning when you woke up you fully intended to do just that. But you get caught in a meeting that runs over your lunch break and suddenly you are starving and only have a few minutes. You’re stressed from the day, and tired from a lack of sleep. Your willpower is zapped. You’re just human, you’re not perfect, and besides, it’s just one meal, so you just grab a cheeseburger and soda because it’s quick and easy. It’s a slipper slope folks… AVOID this situation by making a plan. Pack a lunch, search healthy fast food options in your area in case you’re in a pickle, and bring a healthy snack like almonds or mixed nuts. Don’t just assume you’ll make the right choice when you’re tired, stressed and starving. That’s ridiculous.

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